Face Mask 3



Ree-Mask Surgical ASTM Level 3 premium face masks are 3-layer masks with 99%+ bacterial filtration efficiency.  Excellent for any exam or procedure involving moderate to heavy levels of aerosols, spray, and moisture. Made from high quality non-woven fabric, the outer layer for maximum protection against moisture while the inner layer is soft and gentle on the skin. Full length 3mm wide ear loops ensure a secure yet comfortable fit with minimal ear pull and discomfort. Ree Mask has a metal nose bridge strip (encased in plastic) that is adjustable to help ensure a tight fit and added comfort. Filtration efficiency has been tested to meet ASTM Level 3 is FDA registered.  Ree-Mask offers excellent breathability with moisture resistance that is needed when using ultrasonic scalers, high-speed hand pieces, and during oral surgeries.


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